We are a supercolony   of your logistics

What does Antwell mean?

With great diligence, we achieve harmony between your production, deliveries, and schedules. We persistently seek paths that will smoothly traverse Europe holding ourselves responsible to both operations and nature.

We are building a supercolony of reliable logistics, top-notch service of equipment and tires, rental of premium trucks and trailers. And we will insure all of this with the best insurance on the market.

We provide services to more than 500 clients in the European market

Thank you for helping us co-create a better environment for transportation on Czech and foreign roads.

We have been cooperating with Antwell and Mr. Pavlicek for many years. During this time, I have become accustomed to the amazing assurance that the process from order to delivery of goods is absolutely smooth and precise.

Daniel Prochazka
Yusen Logistics

It never occurred to me that during a time when we struggled to find a quality and reliable carrier is when Mr. Pavlicek offered us services...

Ing. Milan Kubac

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full-truckload orders transported per year with a damage-free record

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This is how many service orders we handle each year

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satisfied clients in the first year of rental launch

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Life and travel are better with Within our circle good colleagues

At Antwell, we know that employees are the key to success in business. We all value good work, safety, and sustainability.

Jan Pavlíček

We have a commitment to each other on the road, in service, and also towards the client. That is why it is important for us to treat each individual and go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction at work and at home.

We are constantly looking for experienced drivers, innovative technicians, and responsive dispatchers.

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